Day 6/Sept 17 El Camino/Astorga to Rabanal

I could not post yesterday in Rabanal with poor internet connection. The day started out well with 12 miles to Rabanal. We arrived exhausted and there was no room at the inn or any inn until we found albergue Gaucelmo Assoc. They are one of the first Albergues in Rabanal and run by volunteers who come for a two week stint from around the world. They are people who have walked the Camino before. We had Brits as our volunteers  so they offered tea and biscuits at 4. The wind was whipping up and it was getting quite cold.

It has turned cold which is great for walking but not for sitting around and most albergues do not offer heat. The day yesterday started lovely out of Astorga but we climbed 255 meters and the last 2.5 kilometers of distance through ‘Golgotha”  (our name) were exactly that. We climbed through paths of shale with a fence on one side that seemed to run forever filled with crosses made from sticks, branches, bits of cloth that pilgrims have left over the years.

Jonathan stayed last night and tonight at a Benedictine monestary in silent retreat. He will meet up with us tomorrow after walking the miles we did today plus tomorrows.  He is trying to discern becoming a monk. He has been a lovely young man to have with us on the journey.

We walked through miles of forest and farm land with the last bit being very rocky paths. As I say, we arrived exhausted and things are usually closed until dinner at 7. We had not eaten much in the day as there was little offering on the way. We sat in a bar cafe with a piece of cake until the owner said he would serve us early. Either sympathy or figured he could make a few bucks off our use of the table but we were grateful. I was feeling a bit tearful with exhaustion. I was able to get a lovely plate of Sauted veggie for the starter and fried eggs, potatoes and cheese for the main. The others usually choose the beef, fish, pork..

Just the facts today. It is getting hard to track especially when I miss a day. The sun finally came out so I am going to go out and soak some up.

I really count on these posts to help me reflect on the day.

Photos on face book. You will see different surfaces walked in the day.

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8 thoughts on “Day 6/Sept 17 El Camino/Astorga to Rabanal”

    1. Good question, we have no idea, just the feel of it. At Rabanal someone said her friend was two days ahead and it was 34 during the day. I am sure the altitude and wind are having a big effect. I have learned well how to stay warm in my thin sleeping bag.


  1. I remember so well that path along the fence with the crosses. I found it so deeply moving. Somehow it connected to me to all pilgrims who had gone before. I also left a cross for those who come after. Perhaps you passed it and were blessed without even knowing it was me 😉

    Mary Beth Stein

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  2. I hope your reflection today included praise for having the courage and fortitude to make the walk and to persevere. Being present and gifting yourselves with the experience is marvelous.

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