Day 10/Sept 21 El Camino/Bierzo to Pedrafita do Cabreiro

img_2403We left Villafranca del Bierzo this morning about 10:30 and taxied to Pedrafita do Cabreiro, off the beaten path with no beds in 0’Cebreiro. We enjoyed a happy exuberant taxi driver who between Spanish, English and sign had fun explaining his beloved home region to us. We then dropped our packs at the hotel , explored the market and watched the boiling of octopus, a specialty in this region. We then taxied to O’Cebreiro. It is a small quaint hamlet with Celtic roots and the church of Iglesias de Santa Maria Real from the 9th century. The oldest church on the Camino associated with the pilgrim Way. Jon was the only one who walked this day with Mary and Chris taking a day of rest.

We ate our main meal and for two days were able to get paella as we start to enter the region of Galicia. We ran into the young ones, Corrine, Brendan, Molly and Phillip. Corrine suffered bad bed bugs and is on steroids and antibiotics.

4:30 pm We are now back at our hotel in the cafe and Bev and Rob just arrived so will be joining us for dinner.

Diane and I are making our plan for moving forward. She can walk with her sticks but slow and careful.

10:00 pm We are back in our room after 4 hours in the dining room sharing stories and laughter. Chris bought a large bottle of vermouth because she wanted the pretty bottle so we wished Bev and Rob goodnight with a night cap.

Chris, Mary and Jon are walking on tomorrow and Di and I are taking the taxi to Sarria. Our new plan is to find as many spots on the Camino that are surfaces Di can walk and try to finish the best we are able. Di and I will be alone in Sarria for two days as the others catch up. It will be a real test of coping with language but we have been getting by pretty well.



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