Day 12/Sept 23 el Camino/Resting in Sarria

Di and I had breakfast in the apartment, oranges, croissants and tea. We then proceeded to do our laundry and re pack. Di’s knees are really bad from yesterday’s track through the city so sit is all she can do. She was back in bed at 10 and slept hard until noon and I enjoyed my time writing. By the time I got the laundry complete and we were eating lunch, Chris arrived. She also had trouble finding the apartment but in the process ran into Rob and Bev. Rob had a torn retina and they repaired it at the hospital in Lugo. He cannot walk el camino and will need to go back to the hospital on Monday. Bev found someone to walk with and will continue on for the both of them. We will taxi today to Portomarin with Rob. Chris and I went out and had lunch. We found a great little place with very fresh salad and pizza. It was so large we brought some back to Di then added roasted veggies to it and had it again for dinner. Chris and I then searched out a church, groceries, ATM, then back to Di. Rob and Bev found our place and showed up for a few hours. All in all a good day, good spirits and looking forward to a new day of Camino adventure.

Author: Mindful Contemplations

A weekly blog, in prose, poetry, or memoir, finding the sacred within the ordinary day to day experience. I offer inspiration and contemplation on the soul journey of the human spirit, diving deep and surfacing with hope.

3 thoughts on “Day 12/Sept 23 el Camino/Resting in Sarria”

  1. How blessed to be able to reconnect with your new friends. I will be praying for them as well as for you all on this incredible journey.


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