Day 16/ Sept 27 El Camino/Melide to O Pedrouzo

We enjoyed our morning Zumo fresh, croissant/Santiago cake(almond cake) bananas and cafe Conleche/te verde. We had exceptional hosts last evening at Hotel Restarante Xaneiro and on we drove with taxi, sweet and sassy. A lively fun young woman who has visited New York and Washington DC and about 10 other countries. “Travel is important!”

We have been naming our taxi drivers (quite the way to do a Camino) we have:


Taxi Ana with attitude


Speedy no hands

Gracious gentleman

Sweet and sassy.

Each unique and interesting and we are grateful for their assistance on the Way.

Diane is in a good amount of pain and we will be happy when she can deal better with this but she is not a complainer. She is so happy to be here and experiencing the Camino. She got roundly scolded by an Irish woman peregrino after dinner tonight (about Di’s age) for not finding an osteopath as she did and has her knees all taped up. “Jesus does not want you to suffer like this!!” She made her point but kept going on in a louder voice and repeating herself. It was humorous at first but then began to feel abusive and judgemental. A confusing moment that we then walked away from

Di found a book at the give away section at the last hotel and is delighted. She read The Pilgrimage by Paulo Coehlo. Now Chris and I are reading it as well, an excellent companion to our journey.

We are now in Pension A Solaina in O Pedrouzo. We have been very fortunate with very good, very affordable accommodations. You can feel the excitement of many as we near Santiago. I was able to walk out on the trail when Chris arrived to meet her, then this evening I walked toward Santiago and back. The path to Santiago starts out beautifully in a path of trees. I know the miles are not important for what we have been living through on this Camino journey, but both Di and I want to reach 100K and we have made it.

We found Taste the Way a very fresh, homemade restaurant with reasonable proportions with real vegetarian options. Very very good! While we were eating dinner a peregrino group of spirited young people came by, saw someone they knew and burst into song, Feliz Navidad with great humor, and to rounds of applause. It lifted us and all.

Photos: we saw cows being herded outside our Pension, an art installation at Taste the Way, I saw a man pulling his pack with a cart, and I got some country air on the Way.

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