The Seed Within

A seed has been planted inside your heart and love is the water that feeds. With love eternally it will grow; the Divine Mother, She makes it so. Be in the now, you will find, and be in the heart, you will see. Allow the love that grows so deep inside, for within there lies a seed.  Traditional South American hymn

The beginning of a new calendar year, 2018. The celebrations of life and love have calmed, the children are heading soon back to school, thoughts of the new year arise with plans, resolutions, and determination while we sit in a deep freeze that stretches far and wide. Our focus turns inward to the heart of the home and to our own inner life, deepening awareness and calming all senses as we go about our work and our life connections.

When I went to the grocery store yesterday, all signs of the holidays had been stripped and Valentine candy, cards, and ornamentation were the replacement on the shelves. A reminder that we struggle with staying in the present moment and jump to the next pleasure in the future that gives us the joy of anticipation but strips us of the here and now. The joy in the now is the now, this moment, this breath, this person before me, this task at hand, this prayer in the mind, this blessing, this creation.

Leo and I have a tradition that we started about ten years ago. Sometime during this first week of the new year we take a day together to look back over the past year and reflect on the movement during that year. We then look to this new year as we understand it in this moment of this day. We look at our values and goals in our physical life, health, spiritual life, finances, trips, house projects, our giving, work life, family and friend connections, education, art and woodworking, play time, and anticipated large purchases. We both look forward to this day as a grounding for the year ahead.

Of course life has it’s own plan and I can look back over the records of these days of visioning and see the year offered its own surprises, more pressing needs, and unexpected opportunities. That awareness makes the exercise all the more rich as we name what is of value to us and then see what happens. Some years one or two items will keep getting added and keep moving year after year to the new list and then the day will arrive when that item is checked off the list.

We keep watering, trusting in the day when flowering happens, the heart opens, the mind expands.

Blessings on this new year, in all life, in all places. May we all find peace and calm, joy and good health, and the beauty of the seed within.



Author: Mindful Contemplations

A weekly blog, in prose, poetry, or memoir, finding the sacred within the ordinary day to day experience. I offer inspiration and contemplation on the soul journey of the human spirit, diving deep and surfacing with hope.

4 thoughts on “The Seed Within”

  1. Jan. Your writings are amazing! Such beauty and insight.. can you put them in a book? A gift for so many. Thank you for continued inspirations. Barb

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  2. Jan, I was struck by the end of your third paragraph because last week I wrote lyrics for a Christmas song with some of the same words and sentiment. I’m going with spiritual connection on this one.

    Christmas Blessing

    Happy are we, here,
    all together one more year,
    to give thanks for all our blessings,
    this Christmas.

    Joyful, that we are,
    with our friends from near and far,
    all to share the gift of giving,
    this Christmas.

    Who knows what the future holds?
    We remember the past.
    Let’s take what the moment brings,
    and make it last,
    for all the year.

    Raise a glass to cheer,
    all the people we hold dear.
    May we always have the blessing,
    of Christmas.

    A very good Christmas each year…

    William Godin, Copyright © 2017

    I also feel a connection to what you describe about life having its’ own plan. This sentimental song will be part of a collection of Christmas music that I started writing just after Dad passed away. Over half of the pieces are sacred with biblical text or inspired by scripture. Composing a bit each Christmas for 14 years isn’t getting it done. The seed hasn’t been completely dormant, just slow growing. I recently decided, with support from Cynthia, to finish it in 2018 – even if that means Christmas in July. I’m hoping inspiration will help me get around life’s plan, so I can check this one off.



    1. Bill, thank you for your comments and the beautiful song. I did not realize you were on this journey of Christmas songs, and since Dad’s passing in December 2003, your first. The journey alone of a song each year will also tell a story of your life. I look forward to the whole package when that time appears. Love, Jan

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