Resilience in Frigid Days

As we create our worst images of life up ahead, we bring into form that which we dread.

Rabbit Spirit

Scared Little Rabbit…  Please drop your fright!

Running doesn’t stop the pain, or turn the dark to light. 

Jamie Sams and David Carson, Medicine Cards

New Year’s Eve morn, -14 below, 
the world is awake, in gentle first glow. 
I look out the window, facing due west, 
the one at the sink where my eyes seek to rest. 
Now a view of the scruffy old pine and red oak
and the ground under cover, a downy white cloak.

In sight is a mound of rounded grey rock,
one that certainly is not part of our stock. 
It is large but not large and odd in shape. 
I stand steady and still and try not to gape, 
in wait, with focus, and vision unclouded,
a small movement twitch as two ears are sprouted.

The rock unfolds into rabbit, huddled in cold. 
He thinks unseen, like my once two-year-old, 
with eyes shut tight, he thought himself hidden.
Now this pine, low in needles, must be forgiven.
It offers little for shelter from mighty eagle;
a fragile net for his fears, so sadly feeble. 

Hour after hour, day after day, 
I check as rabbit sits in endless display.
Why are you here little one? Where is your home?
The spirit message dawns as I gaze at his form.
Fear turns us cold, rigid with fright, the
what if’s create fear for all, not yet in sight. 

As we create our worst images of life up ahead,
we bring into form that which we dread. 
We hide ourselves away from all that we love,
as we fear that the worst will pounce from above.
While fear of true danger is a friend in our day,
creating fear for our life keeps delight at bay.

On this day we acknowledge a list of our fears;
we write them, speak them, and bless with tears.          
We come into our breath and blow them away.
Sacred Source, take them, we cry, without delay!
Our truth is our guide and has always been so.
Our heart is relieved as now it can flow.

I will not fear for you. I will not fear for me. 
When ready inside, you will hop from this tree. 
On this new day of living, it is surely enough
to be present and strong with a will touched by  
We will persist. We will have changed.
With resilience through loss, we now feel 

Today, you are off, if I am not deceived. 
Your message was given, and now received.

Spirit of Rabbit seemed to demand rhyme in telling his story, a first for me. Fun to write and fun to read, it kept me hopping through and through. Dr. Seus most certainly the Muse!

On Going Resource List

  • Jamie Sams and David Carson. Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through The Ways of The Animals. Bear and Company, 1988.

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6 thoughts on “Resilience in Frigid Days”

  1. Hi Jan,
    Amazingly appropriate timing for me today as my 13 yr old granddaughter gets ready to move from a very small middle school in Rochester to a big high school in Indianapolis next year.
    I dreamt about my little rabbit last night! Jen

    Liked by 1 person

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