Mindful Contemplations: Blog and Art

In my weekly blog, through prose, poetry, and spiritual memoir, my passion is to find the sacred within the ordinary day to day experience. I seek to offer inspiration and contemplation on the soul journey of the human spirit. I aspire to bring mindful awareness to a variety of personal experiences we all live, while at times diving deep but always surfacing with hope.

From My Heart With You

Today I color the world gold, then red, a hint of purple, accents of lime green—colors bold. Arrange, dig, and feed— my toil, placing a pot here then there, meanwhile, Iris simply rises from the soil. As co-creators, we are the hands, the lips, the thoughts, acting out the world play as it expands. Creating…

The Gift

My daughter gave me a gift wrapped in laughter, presence, and space. A gift more precious than gold, gleaming brighter than a cut diamond. We unfolded the wrapping over an afternoon which cannot define its value nor quantify its meaning, an arbitrary construct we use to define the movements of breath. We will never see…

Remembering Mothers

There is one woman who bore me into this world. There are many who helped me open to what this world holds. There is one woman who held my hand for my first steps. There are many who walked with me when I had to learn anew. There is one woman who picked me up…

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