Mindful Contemplations: Blog and Art

In my weekly blog, through prose, poetry, and spiritual memoir, my passion is to find the sacred within the ordinary day to day experience. I seek to offer inspiration and contemplation on the soul journey of the human spirit. I aspire to bring mindful awareness to a variety of personal experiences we all live, while at times diving deep but always surfacing with hope.

To The Unseen Stars

If I were a kitten I would have purred while curled up softly around my heart settled in a ray of sunshine in front of the windows facing west listening to the bird conversations that tickled my ears with the scent of newly warm Spring air after a day of rain. All that flowed out … Continue reading “To The Unseen Stars”

A Bow To Brother Sun

This morning I faced the south with muted purple mountains of storm clouds. To the north, clear blue skies. To the west, puffs of violet grey on cool blue air. Finally, in the east, the sun climbed higher in each breathing moment. Turning to the east to Brother Sun, a welcome into my day with … Continue reading “A Bow To Brother Sun”

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