Mindful Contemplations: Blog and Art

In my weekly blog, through prose, poetry, and spiritual memoir, my passion is to find the sacred within the ordinary day to day experience. I seek to offer inspiration and contemplation on the soul journey of the human spirit. I aspire to bring mindful awareness to a variety of personal experiences we all live, while at times diving deep but always surfacing with hope.

The Sacred Moments of Living

Art by Jean Crocker There are times when what is considered sacred appears in a bold pronounced manner. This week, THAT which I will call SHE appeared most prominently in soft spaces, the flow of awareness, deep and simple quiet. What I found each day was a gentle presence as I waded through feet of…

The Grief Gals

We were five, sitting around the dinner table, each having brought a dish to share. Outside it was bitter cold, but here in this circle, I felt the warmth and love of dear faces, stories, the shared history. Women who understood grief having all worked in a Hospice setting as grief counselors, knew the familiar…

Lightening The Load

Whenever I feel the weight of the world pressing down, determined to take peace from my heart, I walk from room to room, looking, opening, factoring what is not needed here, not used, beyond usefulness, now taking my joy. As doors open and close, memories and regrets emerge but with nothing new to learn they…

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