Mindful Contemplations: Blog and Art

In my weekly blog, through prose, poetry, and spiritual memoir, my passion is to find the sacred within the ordinary day to day experience. I seek to offer inspiration and contemplation on the soul journey of the human spirit. I aspire to bring mindful awareness to a variety of personal experiences we all live, while at times diving deep but always surfacing with hope.

Learning to Fly

Our hearts said goodbye now your body is ash resting in the ground with me left to ponder your spirit found. Through all the years I still say hello when I see you at ease in an empty chair, or I play with a deck of cards, and eat an apple pie that I prepare. … Continue reading “Learning to Fly”

Seasonal Change

After weeks of travel with family then friends sharing laughter play and delight under a warm sun we arrive home. We breathe in the scent touch familiar settle into the known return to routine and see selves mirrored In this space. Home envelops us with love imbued over years of living as we arrive to … Continue reading “Seasonal Change”

The Sounds of Silence

The pleasure of this day is found doing laundry reading a book a cup of tea without conversation filled with the sound of life’s orchestra a washing machine the twitter of bird a car passing by sounds of silence allowing my mind to rest in a field a peaceful wave a gentle drift a return … Continue reading “The Sounds of Silence”

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