This Rare Human Existence

Knowing that grief is an experience shared by all humanity lets me see myself as just one wave on a great sea. Ram Dass Consider the advantages of this rare human existence. Jamgon Kongtrul These two quotes stood out for me this week and as they seemed to want to be considered together the questionContinue reading “This Rare Human Existence”

Healing Waters in Turbulent Time

In ache of body and clouding of mind, with Moderna doing her work in me, I form an offering to self and community, abating the pain of future loss. Lake Superior, the mother of Lake waters, rests in my heart as I breathe in the sound of waves Soothing my spirit, Massaging the ache inContinue reading “Healing Waters in Turbulent Time”

A Shrine of Love Stories

Over the years, I have developed a nurturing healing habit of creating, somewhere in my home, a shrine or an altar for a deceased loved one. I allow instinct, intuition, and the flow of life in that moment to guide me and the objects I choose.              The first shrine I created was in the summerContinue reading “A Shrine of Love Stories”

A Sun Salutation: The First of March

Gazing up in sun salutation,With ‘Canon in D’ streamingInto this inner sanctuary, theSun in its March morning salutation,through the window before me—releases—Drip, drip, drip,The rhythm of Pachelbel announcing,Beat by beat,Note by note.Yes!Snow melt and moistureEarth opening to thaw.Soil teeming with worm and insect,Veins of connections in their hatchings.We will soon throw open windows,Invite in throughContinue reading “A Sun Salutation: The First of March”

The Stranger, The Stocking Cap, The Mittens

One cold and snowy winter night in the late 60’s, a Hare Krishna devotee arrived at Winnie’s door. This story came forward from the memory of my bonus brother, Greg, and I share it with you. On this cold winter night, Winnie and Herb answered a knock at the front porch door and saw aContinue reading “The Stranger, The Stocking Cap, The Mittens”