It is my desire that my art, writings, and support of others as Spiritual Companion, honor the journey of self-awareness and self-understanding. I seek to honor what is beautiful in its ordinariness, encourage others on their journey, and awaken the spirit within to its creative potential.  As in when applying watercolor, I enjoy finding the intuitive balance of darks and lights to tell a story, while connecting a subject to a larger universal context. Watercolor in particular aligns with this process in moving to what is rather than to what I want it to be. I know when I have not been able to let go.

I come from a varied spiritual and psychological background having studied both western and eastern spiritual practices and psychology. My view of the world encompasses years of working in the area of grief and loss both in private practice and for a hospice organization. My studies in Feng Shui, healing through the subtle energy field, massage and body work, Spiritual Direction, and my journey as an artist in water media are woven throughout it all.

I was drawn to writing my first blog post in 2017 when hiking El Camino de Santiago in Spain. I found writing my journey spoke to me and to those who followed me. Being a long time journaling fan, I experience the act of sharing my observations of the world with others to be uplifting for my spirit while connecting me deeper within and to a broader community. The stories and themes will be varied but at the heart of each is embodied spirit. My hope is that I am able to support, encourage, and raise spirit as you the reader encounter what is before you in your world.

I live with my husband, Leo, in a dome home on the Rum River near Cambridge, MN offering us quiet reflection, enjoyment of the flow of the river, delight in the many birds that stop by for a visit with the eagles soaring overhead, and the blessing of healing in body and spirit. We moved here after 23 years of city life in St. Paul, MN, struggling with allergies and sensitivities. We named our new home, RiverSpirit. We find enjoyment in the lives of our two adult children, their spouses, and four grandchildren. We laugh daily, grieve our losses, travel well, and nourish loving family and friendships.