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Janis Dehler, MA

The Journey, the offering, the practice

We live in a busy and stressful world where we desire to be heard and to feel supported. For some there is a longing to deepen a relationship with self, other, environment, as well as Spirit/Ultimate Reality/God/Allah/Ground of all Being, however we name that which connects us in wholeness. For many this longing arises from the experience of profound loss.

We are all meant to heal and grow through our own life cycles, just as we see in nature. It is our natural inclination to do so yet this movement toward healing and growth can challenge us in ways that shake the ground beneath us and bring us to the questions that burn within our soul. 

Whether as a Spiritual Companion or through grief counseling, I walk alongside you in active presence, listening to and honoring your sacred stories, offering support and encouragement, while helping you open to the deeper questions. These stories could include loss in its many forms, change that is either wanted or unwanted, questions regarding your authentic self, resilience, end of life review, your journey into deepening spiritual practices, and art as a spiritual practice. As a companion, I do not seek to give answers but to explore what it is you seek within yourself with Spirit – Self – at the center of our circle. 

For over thirty years I have enjoyed the privilege of being present to the grief stories and transformational journeys of a wide variety of individuals, groups, and retreat offerings. My practice is interspiritual, believing in the common wisdom that is found in many faiths, that ties us all to a shared journey of connection and compassion, and is beyond a particular religion. I seek to support what is true for you and how that inner guidance asks you to be present in the world. 


MA Theology from University of St. Catherine, 2006

Certification as Spiritual Director from University of St. Catherine, 2006

Certificate and Training with Psychosynthesis Institute of MN 1994

Broad Range of Workshops and trainings in Grief and Loss, Healing Arts, 1990 to present

What is Available

Private Sessions are available via video conferencing or by phone

Cost per session: $140-80, sliding scale

Payment: Cash, Check, Paypal


“The experience was both liberating and enjoyable. I was led to learn a great deal about my inner world, my perceptions, my attitudes. It was the start of a transformative process. I am not the same person as before.”

Former Client

“You were my ’emotional oasis’ – a safe place where I could bring my feelings & tears. I appreciate your nuggets of wisdom and thoughtful questions.” Former Client

“Thank you for all your patience, your understanding, and your encouragement. I cherish your words of wisdom and draw strength from them.” Former Client

“Thank you for your direction and truth, you are very special and talented in your skills. I was blessed to have found you.” Former Client

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