Day 24 the journey 🏡

Leo said this morning he is missing his morning blog post to read. Here is my closing post for El Camino, the journey home.

We can add three more taxi drivers to our list: taxi dependable, taxi “he was so handsome I couldn’t look elsewhere”, taxi “I hope that pink rosary hanging from the rear view mirror saves our lives in Madrid rush hour traffic.”

We made it through a 24 hour day of taxi, air train, plane, 8 hour layover, plane, car, HOME. TSA was not kind to Chris throwing away her sangria with sombrero bottle that she bought in duty free at the airport and doing a private pat down.

There were giggles when the pigeon Di photoed from her convalescence bed in Madrid landed in front of us in the waiting area of the Newark airport. Maybe it was a cousin.

Otherwise it was a peaceful and safe journey home for all of us including Jonathan and Marco.

Leo brought flowers to the airport for Di and I, designed by Laura, cleaned the house, and made apple crisp. We were struggling to be awake but greatly appreciated all the effort and love.

This morning I smiled to open a fridge, move around a house, enjoy clean laundry that I did not wash by hand last night, soak in my bath tub, enjoy conversation in my home, make breakfast. All the daily activities that we had let go of for a few weeks to gather other simple activities that we add to the joy of life list.

Thank you all for being with me on this journey in your own way. I felt it daily and very much carried you in my heart. I now look forward to photos, cataloguing and sharing with the group, connecting them with my blog as to, “where and what is this?” And allowing the Camino to continue to offer itself in unknown ways in my life. As we say many times, “it is not the Camino we expected but an amazing Camino we would not want to have missed.”

If something new arises I will post but for now, may all our journeys be blessed, may we be guided and cared for by people who are gentle and wise, may we fully live each day in ways that we each are authentically meant to live, when we reach the end may we know it is just the beginning.

Muchas gracias, Muchas gracias, Muchas gracias.

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