Day 23/Oct 4 El Camino/ Madrid

After train and taxi, we are at Petit Palace, a hotel in Madrid on the corner of a busy shopping area. We arrived about 2, checked in and were guided to a lovely restaurant a block away where we ate our meal for the day. The wounded ones, Di and Mary, went back to the hotel for shower and rest. Chris and I walked a few miles enjoying the architecture and many shops and found a bookstore that had a selection of English books in the lower level. I have a few euros to spend so bought another Paulo Coelho book. We are now back at the hotel, everyone showered and reading or writing for the night.

The hotel has a morning breakfast buffet so our first breakfast in three and a half weeks that goes beyond juice, bread and coffee.

I have been having some very interesting dreams the past couple of nights with one night being in a game in the courtyard of the Camino, I cannot leave the courtyard as I am trapped by all the distractions in the courtyard. I awoke having to find my way out. Last night I was involved in a mystery story where Chris is ahead, I am in the middle and Di is at the tail.


Di took a pic of Chris and I in the hall trying to get Wifi. Our hotel and neighbor cafe waiting for taxi and Madrid.

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