When I Grow Still

When I grow still,

Settling into the
Gentle flow of the moment,
I steady my gaze
Into this, not that—a picture Of a dream that is not yet formed,
Doubts resting in holy time,
Mental lists easing their demands.

I find my being in-between times,
when snow is met with rain, as
Pisces ruler of the oceans
Meets Neptune god of the seas, and the skies
thunder and tremble. I imagine
A new world that has grown beyond
Illusion into the truth of compassion, empathy,
And attuned to spirit.

It is time to learn to dance in her flow
and set roots so as not to be swept away.
Moving with the tides, respecting
Boundaries, watching, holding space
for this new vision arising.
An opening of the door to the heart,
To THAT—Simply,
You are. I am. THAT.

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